Hacer SERT
Our country has a great tourism potential with its priceless cultural treasures from various civilizations, natural beauties and climate differences found in very few countries of the world. Turkey, mountains, springs, caves, rivers, lakes, constitute a broad range of thermal tourism resources. In parallel with the rapid economic, political and technological developments in the world, a significant change has been observed in tourism consumption patterns in recent years. Participation in luxury tourism movements gradually decreases and there is a tendency to move away from the usual tourism centers that come to this level of satisfaction. New types of tourist expectations, which have become more evident over time, are summarized as an active holiday in pristine and clean surroundings in facilities not exaggerated with nature away from the sea, sand and the sun. Therefore, changes in both the tourist profile and consumption patterns lead to the formation of the concept of ecological tourism en which envisages the use of the natural, cultural environment within the balance of protection and use. Tourism of Turkey is very important to have a place in and around Manavgat bed capacity is no longer reached saturation and is known primarily in the forefront of alternative tourism resources, including ecological tourism. Sarılar neighborhood is one of the first cities to come to mind when tourism is mentioned in our country. The world-renowned Manavgat Waterfalls also offer an excellent environment for ecological tourism with its rich flora and fauna and natural beauty. In this study, the ecological tourism potential of Sarılar neighborhood is emphasized.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Ecology, Tourism, Sarılar, Manavgat; Antalya, Turkey